The Miracle of Music Therapy: With music a child artist smilingly underwent surgery

Researches on the effects of music on the mind and body


Child artist Parv Thacker, who has been taking music therapy for years under the Krup Music Therapy Clinic and Research Centre managed by Give Vacha Foundation and Krup Music, underwent a successful clubfoot surgery with music and a smile on his face at Arsh Children’s Orthopedic Hospital Ahmedabad. While various research is being done by organizations on the effects of music on the mind and body, an experiment on the positive impacts of music therapy during surgery was successfully done by music therapist Dr. Krupesh Thacker. Parv who had been affected by clubfoot, has been receiving regular music therapy for six years. As a result, through music Parv not only found relief from pain but also had intellectual and emotional development, strong willpower, and self-confidence in his personality. He underwent the surgery fearlessly with music therapy taken for the operation. Even the doctors were surprised to see the little child staying so calm for the operation. Not only that but after his surgery, he performed devotional songs to express his gratitude to the doctors and staff members at the hospital. Talking about that Dr. Krupesh said that music therapy is the science of awakening the seven chakras of the body with the harmony of the seven notes of music. The successful outcome of Parv’s regular therapy can be seen in his charismatic personality, strong self-confidence, and a smile on his face even during operations. In addition, Ayurveda specialist and child counselor mother, Dr. Pooja Thacker added that surgery is a very stressful experience in anyone’s life. Parv was given special therapy for a month before surgery.