Kutch artists who traveled to Gujarat to promote Sanatan culture through art

A child actor from Anjar who has been singing and acting for the past four years

The Chief Minister blessed the Kutchi artist for doing noble acts


The Chief Minister blessed the Kutchi child artist who is on a Gujarat tour to promote Sanatan culture through art. Six-year-old child artist Parv Thacker of Anjar has been working for the past four years to promote Santan culture, patriotism, and family values through singing and acting. During his Gujarat tour for Gunje Gita to support the Global Clubfoot Awareness Parv project, he had a meeting with Gujarat’s Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel to seek blessings. The CM gave an appreciation letter for his work and said, “The persona that Parv has built as a change maker in different domains like acting, singing, brand ambassador, and clubfoot warrior is magnificent. His skills and talent are outstanding, making him eligible for many awards and accolades.” At the age of two, with the release of his first devotion album, Parv earned the title of The Youngest Singer. Since then he acted in 20 songs and his 50 albums have been launched worldwide. Through around 200 platforms, his songs have reached more than 25 crore people. As a clubfoot warrior, apart from dispelling the common misconceptions about this illness found in newborn babies, he also performs Gunje Gita programs in various cities and institutions with his Parv Fusion Band to promote the Bhagavad Gita.

Parv Thacker

Parv Thacker is 4-year-old Indian playback singer, actor, social worker, influencer and brand ambassador. Parv is known for his work in Gujarati & Hindi devotional, patriotic and pop music. He is the youngest singer & actor of India as well as the youngest singer & actor of Asia. He has been appointed as the brand ambassador of KM Talent Hunt kids contest and Give Vacha Foundation for many of NGO projects. His journey into the field of acting started at the age of 7 month with Ram Dhun music video that was an instant hit. He did many music videos for Krup Music as a child actor and singer.